End of Blog

Dear All,

I regret to announce that this blog will no longer be updated. As many of you have noticed my post frequency has become very sparse as a result of my studies. I have decided that my studies are still more important to my future and that livery designing will have to take the back seat.

I will however not take down my blog and plan to update it with templates and more designs during my school breaks. As you can see I was in the middle of rebranding.

This is by no means the end of Raydon Designs. Livery designing remains my passion and joy but for now, I have to prioritize.

Thank you for all your support and I hope you will support my in my decision and future designs.


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One Response to End of Blog

  1. Furqan Ahmed says:

    NOOOOO !!! I’ve only just found your awesome blog :) Almost all of your livery designs are a million times better than the ‘actual’ liveries being used today !! Your SAA livery is 5* in my books .. It’s exactly the perfect subltety than it needs .. #amazing

    Good luck with your studies !! And hopefully you’re creativity is piqued when you haven’t designed in a while :)

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