Virgin Australia’s logo revealed!

I know I’ve been blogging rather excessively on Virgin Oz recently but to be honest, it’s definitely one of airline liveries’ best kept secrets so far! A few days ago, the official logo was finally revealed but, and a big BUT, it is only in black and white. I was just too tempted not to let the logo go uncoloured. According to Will Norton from Wings Down Under, it seems like the blue will be dropped. I am rather disappointed about that but we’ll see what happens. Their livery will most probably be silver, purple and the tradmark Virgin red. My impression of the livery to follow later this week. Virgin Australia is to launch the new livery hopefully by 4 May.

So I was right about two things: The font and silver. I think though that they will still include the full name in Virgin font on the fuselage livery.

My rendition of the Virgin Australia logo

Official logo for Virgin Australia with possible colours. Original image from Will Norton

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4 Responses to Virgin Australia’s logo revealed!

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  2. Michelle Lai says:

    what’s the font name?

  3. linkedin cursus…

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  4. Daniel says:

    Hey what is the Virgin Australia new font?

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